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OnlyFans leaks on Keep2Share, what is it?

If you do not go into special details, OnlyFans is a new type of social network. The cardinal advantage of this site is that people who create pages there get the opportunity to earn legally at the expense of their subscribers. Or, to be more precise, users are charged commission payments when they subscribe to a certain person. The size of the commission, as a rule, is not particularly large. It is set by each account owner individually.

Today, the OnlyFans platform is significantly ahead of many social networks in its development. In terms of growth rates, it is one of the first places in the world. Before the beginning of 2022, the total number of users registered in this network was already more than 130 million. It should be taken into account the fact that there is currently a clear preponderance of adult content on OnlyFans, but the site was not originally planned specifically for it.

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What is Onlyfans

Top 5 Onlyfans models for the beginning of 2022

Lottie Moss Onlyfans leaks

Lottie Moss is making a career as a nude model in a closed social network for fans of photos and videos of naked girls, the Mirror edition reports. Now subscribers have access to images of the model without clothes – if they agree to pay a fairly large sum. Lottie Moss asks to pay 1,000 pounds for the video. However, you can get a photo for 14. The model also offers subscribers access to even more explicit erotic pictures for an additional 70 pounds.

Kate Moss’s paternal sister is pursuing a career as a fashion model at the Storm agency, which is now, as sources told the Daily Mail, “desperately working” to protect the girl and “save her from herself.”

The family members of the model are also not happy about her choice — she told the Daily Mail about this herself. “There are some relatives who are not very happy because of this, but to be honest, I am far from them and I live well in Los Angeles. I feel happier here than I have been in a long time. I just want to feel that I am happy with myself, because if you don’t love yourself, no one will love you,” commented Lottie Moss.

The girl herself at the end of last year emphasized her own sexuality, declaring herself a pansexual – a person who is attracted to people of any gender who do not separate women and men. In December, The Sun reported that when asked if she would have an affair with a woman, the model replied“ “Well, I’m pansexual, so I have nothing against both men and women. My preferences are not a constant, they can change almost daily and, to a large extent, depend on what kind of person I met””

Not so long ago, Lottie Moss became a participant in the scandal when she posted a video online in which she has fun and kisses with two other girls. Then commentators condemned the girlfriends for possibly spreading COVID-19 without observing the prescribed coronavirus restrictions. “We are super-distributing covid,” the girl replied to this. In addition, she stated, “Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You are young, cheerful and can have the best time of all and do whatever you want.”

Bella Thorne is a model, singer and actress from the USA, known for her high earnings on OnlyFans. The peculiarity of the platform is that users get the opportunity to purchase content from its authors. And for a certain amount set by the account owners, people download very explicit videos or photos. Many commentators, when she started an account there, were very pessimistic about Bella’s subscription. No one believed that she was able to pay for herself. Nevertheless, despite such criticism, thanks to OnlyFans, the girl’s condition improved significantly in just a few days. An article in the Los Angeles Times newspaper devoted to this event said that Bella Thorne managed to earn $ 2 million not for a full week of using the service. This amount significantly exceeded Mia Khalifa’s earnings during her stellar career as an 18+ model.

At the same time, according to Page Six, Thorne received a million dollars of this money in the first 24 hours of her presence on the site. The publication reported with reference to a representative of OnlyFans that the actress is the first of the creators of content on the platform who managed to collect such an amount in a day.

Bella joined the service not only for the sake of making money. The girl told the LA Times that she was going to invest the money received in this way in her production company and send it to charity. In addition, judging by the words of the star, she uses the site for a kind of OnlyFans research, which will be reflected in the Sean Baker film – Thorne intends to play in it.

What is the feature of the platform? What changes are happening to the users of such a service? What is the link between your daily life and your life in the reality of fans only? How can the platform change your existence for the better or for the worse? How deep are you willing to go and how deep do you want to go? You can turn into me or that talented native of Montana over there, and only fans can change your existence – if you yourself strive for it, of course,” Bella briefly shared the essence of her analytical research.

The celebrity still hasn’t decided what kind of content she wants to provide to OnlyFans users, the LA Times reports. According to journalists, there are no nude photos on her page yet, although there are several candid ones – Bella, for example, poses on them in a swimsuit. Thorne herself has publicly announced that she does not publish adult content — she told about it by retweeting an article on page six about her six-figure income per day (thus not refuting the information).

Belle Delphine Onlyfans leaks

Mary-Belle Kirchner, a cosplay-style model who is now known as Belle Delphine, has become an Internet celebrity thanks to her attractive appearance. Belle Delphine’s plums with OnlyFans cause a constant stir on the Internet, despite the fact that she carefully covers her nakedness in hot photos and videos. The birthplace of Mary Belle Kirchner is South Africa. Her whole family are devoutly believing Christians. Mary Bell spent her childhood in Cape Town, but after her parents divorced, the girl and her mother left for the UK and settled in Leamington. Since the age of 14, Mary-Belle has worked as a waitress, barista and nanny. At this age, she began to be active on Instagram, and then started a YouTube channel, where she began her path to fame under the name Belle Delphine. The girl attracted the attention of the Internet audience by posting photos of cosplay – i.e. pictures in the image of animated or game characters. Belle’s photos and videos had obviously erotic overtones, but they did not formally violate the rules of the Internet platforms on which they were posted.

Belle Delphine actively used images of a “girl from the next yard” or a sexy schoolgirl in white long socks and a very short skirt for her advertising, which is why her fans on the Internet were accused of a penchant for pedophilia. In addition, largely because of Belle, the Internet was overwhelmed by the fashion for “ahegao” – photos in which girls, imitating anime characters, stick out their tongue and roll their eyes. In less than 4 years, Belle entered the top ten most famous stars, porn with whom was most often searched on the Internet. Demand gave rise to supply: enthusiasts began using technology to replace human faces, faking adult videos with Belle. Soon, the model began selling jars of water in which she bathed in her own online store under the GamerGirl Bath Water brand (“Water from the gamer girl’s bathroom”). The cost of one jar was $ 30, but despite the obviously inflated cost of this specific product, those who wanted to buy it were found very quickly, the first batch sold out in a few days. Inspired by the success, the model put up for sale a container of water from her bathroom for 10 thousand dollars).

After Instagram closed her account, in which she already had more than 4.5 million subscribers, due to the fact that she “repeatedly violated the rules of the social network,” Belle continued to communicate with fans through other platforms until the end of the summer, after which she gradually disappeared from the media space. About a year later, the model began to be active again. She posted a video on YouTube in which the self-styled “sex queen of drochers” announced her triumphant return.

It is worth noting that the model continued to tease her fans: in photos and videos, she taped her breasts with tape or covered them with stickers and avoided showing her genitals in clever ways. Also, Belle Delphine repeatedly promised her fans that she would please them with a video in which she makes love with her boyfriend. It was then that it became clear that the Internet celebrity has a young man with whom she has been dating for more than one year.

According to the Spectator and Business Insider, Belle earns about $1.2 million a month on the OnlyFans page. Belle also started posting explicit adult content on her Twitter account.

The Untold Truth Of Belle Delphine

Jem Wolfie Onlyfans leaks

Realistic and lush beauty standards in the modern world are no longer a new, but a unique phenomenon. This is especially clearly seen in the lifestyle of famous fashion models and popular beauties on the Instagram platform. Model Jem Wolfie is a bright representative of such a public and fashionable idea. A curvy fashion model without hesitation demonstrates the shortcomings of her body and criticizes modern digital beauty standards in every possible way. Seductive and attractive girl and model Gem Wolfie is an Australian by birth. Jam is a classic Instagram model who earns a fortune on her attractive image. Jem Wolfie earns part of his fortune on the paid and now popular Onlyfans platform.

The family of the Australian beauty is sporty. The girl was actively involved in athletics from an early age. But after a minor knee injury, she switched to heavier, but static sports and now positions herself as a fitness model. On her Instagram account, the fitness model began to popularize her sporty lifestyle by participating in brand campaigns. Subsequently, her lush, but at the same time sporty image attracted about three million subscribers to her account. In 2020, the curvy fitness model announced a new conceptual message to her subscribers. Gem came out with a condemnation of digital beauty standards that simply filled the popular Internet platform.

I’m so fucking sick of seeing fake pacifiers. It’s a fashion when the lips are so inflated with filler that they resemble swollen sausages. And the skin is so smooth that you can’t even see the pores. Girls are under the influence of the media, instilling false standards of “beauty” in them, instead of accepting and loving themselves for who they are, writes Jem Wolfie. The Instagram model herself continues to take photos without retouching. In such photos, all the disadvantages of her body are contrastingly visible. Gem considers realistic images to be a standard of beauty that should attract more attention and be better welcomed by society than their digital processing.

Gem herself is not shy about calling herself a curvy girl. She posts videos of her fitness workouts, where her appearance is far from ideal. In other words, Jem Wolfie is a new stream of Instagram models. Such models advocate the popularization of naturalness in photo content throughout the global Internet space. By her example, the girl shows all the fans, viewers and readers that doing sports is the right thing. Doing sports is not only a beautiful body and an elastic figure, but also health and pure pleasure. On Instagram, she gathered more than 2.6 million followers, but was forced to delete the account for violating the rules of publication on Instagram regarding obscene content.

Luckily, Wolfie had already made a name for herself on OnlyFans before Instagram shut down her page. Although her monthly income in OnlyFans is not reported, at some point she said that she earned up to about 30 thousand dollars daily on the OnlyFans account. For an additional fee, she is ready to arrange light eroticism, but does not take excessively explicit pictures. In less than a year, she earned $2 million. At the same time, Jem says that he lives quite modestly. And she wants to spend the money she earned to help homeless dogs, writes Ladbible. According to the girl, it will make her happy.

The appearance of a swarthy, big-breasted model Mia Khalifa in porn can be considered an incredible phenomenon, since there was practically no chance that a girl from Lebanon would star in adult films. However, a dark-skinned woman liked sex and nudity in front of many people. The girl renounced her own family and all the strict traditions of the east, so the videos with her participation definitely deserve viewing. After the release of the first film 18 + with the participation of an unusual model, a real scandal began in the world, which ended with threats against a worried girl. But Mia didn’t want to give up so quickly and continued to appear in increasingly explicit porn films. If at first the girl starred in quite classic scenes, then later, she began to practice group and same-sex sex and even sex with several African-Americans at the same time.

Mia Khalifa is a 27-year-old American model of Lebanese descent, sports presenter and blogger. Nevertheless, she is known to many on the Internet as a former porn actress. Her career in porn began in October 2014 and lasted three months, but during this time she managed to become the most popular Pornhub model. Although the girl left porn pretty quickly, videos with her continue to remain popular until now. Because of her work in porn, she was criticized a lot in the Middle East for allegedly shaming Muslim culture (although Khalifa was born into a Catholic family), and her parents stopped communicating with her because of her choice of profession.

After leaving Bang Bros, Khalifa has repeatedly criticized the porn industry, accusing producers of violating the privacy rule. So, on June 24, the girl said that one day a representative of the studio fraudulently forced her to take part in a candid photo shoot. According to her, he said that his friend the photographer of the Vogue edition is ready to take pictures of the girl and the shots may end up in the leading media. However, as a result, Khalifa posed nude, and the photo was used for her own purposes by Bang Bros.

In some of her videos, Mia Khalifa starred dressed in a hijab. Many found it offensive, and some even started threatening her with death. In an interview with the Washington Post, she justified herself by saying that this controversial scene was satire and should not be taken too seriously, she also noted that any Hollywood film shows Muslims in a much more negative light than the creators of pornography. “He told me to take off my hijab and underwear and pose leaning on the wall. My heart started pounding wildly. I know it might be easy for you to say, “You had sex on camera, so what’s the problem?” But you need to realize the level of fear a woman feels when she feels powerless,” the girl tweeted.

In one of her interviews, Mia stated that she earned only 12 thousand US dollars for filming and did not receive any rewards from major sites. In response to this statement, the management of the BangBros company sent the actress a letter demanding to stop complaining about low wages and reported that during the period of cooperation with the studio Khalifa received fees of at least 178 thousand dollars. Currently, according to media reports, this media personality is also included in the list of OnlyFans leaders in terms of income.

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