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What does using Keep2Share do?


For just $13.33 a month, you will have unlimited access to more than 15,000,000 exclusive premium movies. Make this amazing deal today! Join the elite club of premium Keep2Share members and play a lot of unique video content online on any mobile device. Upload anonymously as quickly as possible and save video collections of your favorite studios or models with k2S downloader and enjoy watching them over and over again.


With an official K2S premium subscription, you have access to over a thousand of the latest videos daily from the world’s most popular and well-known video content producers. Save yourself precious time searching for the latest movies. With K2S Premium here and now at a discounted price for just a couple of coffees, you get the unique opportunity to view and download the latest video releases from the world’s top studios.


All movies on K2S are always viewed and downloaded in the best quality. After you sign up for a premium subscription to K2S, you get a unique opportunity to view video files with up to 8K resolution. Thanks to the latest technology, the most intimate details of all shots are available in the palm of your hand. Don’t deny yourself the exquisite pleasure of indulging in new, unexplored VR/AR video experiences at maximum resolution.

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What are Keep2Share's security guarantees?

Yes, it’s really superbly protected. You should not use pirate sites and torrent trackers to download video content, as this is a copyright violation and is prosecuted by law in most countries of the world. A subscription to K2S will give you the opportunity to download any videos you like absolutely safely – thanks to modern technologies of multi-level tunneling of Internet traffic both outgoing and incoming, and end-to-end encryption that further enhances protection. This will allow you to hide from your provider which files you are viewing online on your gadget or downloading. You just need to use anonymous access to the content, as in the Tor browser and Wikileaks.

Keep2Share Premium reviews

I want to say that we have been working closely with keep2share on an optimized revenue sharing model for the past few years. All of our latest, newest releases are uploaded to keep2share directly on the day of their premiere. This is a definite convenience for all our customers, as well as for ourselves. In this way, we get full access to a huge multi-million user base from all over the world and additional possibilities for the most efficient cost optimization in delivering the created content to the end-users.

Web Studio, SEO

Back in 2020, I became a subscriber and since then there has not been a single case that I had to regret it. K2S is the greatest file sharing service in the world. During all this time, I have never had any difficulties finding the video files I need in their repositories. They are used by a huge number of sites and forums on the world wide Web – it’s very cool! I prefer to take an annual subscription with a promo code and immediately get 400 days of access instead of 365 days for the same cost. This is a real money saver.

Tom Miller
T. Brady
K2S member

Thanks to the well-established file sharing service Keep2Share its users all over the world have a very impressive choice of more than 15 000 000 videos for daily viewing. For us, above all, Keep2Share is a worthy partner for storing and streaming videos in any corner of the globe, whose reliability is unquestionable. Of course, buying this subscription is a must for the sake of unhindered viewing of all the videos you like in the best quality and saving your precious time spent on endless searches for fresh video content.

Judy Li
Judy Li

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

It is most convenient and most profitable to pay for a subscription with a Mastercard or Visa card. When paying, be careful, use a promo code to avoid unnecessary spending on hidden commissions. Your savings can be up to $15 with any payment method available to you.

1. Select the keep2share Premium pro tariff plan (90 or 365 days) on the reseller’s website.

2. Get the activation code from your reseller.

3. Follow this link to register or log in to Keep2share (and extend your premium for 10% days for free).

4. When paying, do not forget to select the “Reseller Code” and enter the activation key received from the reseller.

Yes, without a doubt. In contrast to torrent trackers, which are banned in many countries of the world, online viewing of video content without any advertising and downloading it are absolutely anonymous and safe for all keep2share customers. Protecting traffic with additional encryption on Keep2share makes it almost impossible for anyone to know what video content you are viewing in your free time.

Without exaggeration, Keep2share works with a huge variety of sites in many countries of the world and their number is only increasing day by day. Many companies in different parts of the globe have chosen Keep2share due to the huge number of subscribers to file sharing sites. Here are 128 sites where you can watch video content online and download it as fast as possible using Keep2share Premium.

As a rule, a Keep2Share account is available to everyone and is free by default. Thus, you can download videos or other files without paying a cent. However, along with this advantage, a free K2S account has several significant drawbacks:

In order to start downloading, you have to enter a captcha every time.

Downloading is done at a very low speed (50 kb/s)

After each download you have to wait for a long pause (from 60 minutes) before starting a new one

Optimal for subscribers would be to start with a Keep2Share quarterly premium subscription. This is much more beneficial if you need the ability to download content daily for an extended period of time, but don’t want to take a year-long subscription just yet. It’s important to note that Keep2share has a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you the right to cancel your subscription at any time during this period in case you are suddenly not satisfied with something for some reason.

How does the Keep2Share premium account stand out in comparison with other file-sharing services?

Do you need a reliable service to store and share your files? Pay your attention to the premium account Keep2Share. He has long enjoyed well-deserved fame among content masters and highly professional Internet specialists, who often simply need the maximum level of such service. Check out our detailed analysis of Keep2Share, which will give you an objective idea of its technical nuances. You can also find here all the necessary information about the additional bonuses present in the accounts, both in Premium and in Premium Pro.

Nowadays, the variety of file sharing and multihosting services online can easily stupefy an ordinary Internet user. Definitely, there are so many of them now very different and all sorts that there is always a certain risk of running into scammers in this area and parting with their finances. If you are a serious person and responsibly choose a convenient, trouble-free service in order to store and share files, then you should understand why the Keep2Share premium account came out on top, beating all its competitors.

1. Guarantee of safety at the highest possible level

For Keep2Share, reputation as a service and trust from its users are very important. In this regard, K2S uses the most modern security technologies. So, to ensure the safety of personal user information, the file-sharing service widely practices methods of complex data encryption. You are guaranteed not to have to worry about maintaining your anonymity due to their possible leakage to hackers or scammers.

2. Easy-to-understand user-level interface combined with user-friendly controls

Do you think that only the most experienced Internet users can master Keep2Share? You are deeply mistaken. There is absolutely no need to be some kind of super advanced specialist with pumped technical skills to simply drag and drop files. But that’s exactly what you will need to do in order to download or download them. The file sharing service uses the fundamental concept of UXD in its work, and therefore all the elements of interaction with it are as simple as possible and available at an intuitive level for your understanding.

3. No speed limits on paid service accounts

If earlier it was painfully long to download and upload files, primarily videos, differing in gigantic sizes, sometimes it took endless hours, or even days, today all these twists and turns have remained in the distant past. Keep2Share file sharing is an ultramodern hosting that widely exploits the latest highly productive cloud storage. These technologies remove any speed limits for all file operations, thereby reducing the download or upload time as much as possible.

Professional Keep2Share Specifications

We will touch in some detail on certain nuances of the functioning of the service in order to form a more favorable idea of the opportunities provided by the resource in the operational plan.

1. How to upload and download files on Keep2Share

To perform these basic actions performed with almost any files, users of premium Keep2Share accounts will not have to perform any excessively complex or poorly understood operations. As mentioned above, uploading or downloading is carried out by simply dragging the objects you need into fields specially designed for these purposes. The resource provides the ability to simultaneously upload files no larger than 2 GB and download up to 50 GB daily on a Premium Pro account and up to 20 GB on a Premium account. And that’s not all, no matter how amazing it sounds, but if the connection suddenly breaks when uploading or downloading files, then there will be no session reset. Immediately after the connection is established, the process will resume from the same place where it was stopped. This small, but very practical feature of the website will additionally save your precious time and nerves.

2. Your own cloud for storing files

If you have a free Keep2Share account, your files will be protected for a thirty-day period in the hosting repositories. When choosing a paid premium subscription, the duration of the guaranteed file retention period triples to one quarter. There are no quantitative restrictions on files at the same time.

3. Which files are forbidden to upload

According to the clear rules of the file-sharing service, users are prohibited from downloading and distributing files through Keep2Share that can cause problems with the law. The storage or exchange of illegal content and files violating copyright is strictly prohibited. Any file of any user, regardless of the type of his account (paid or free) can be selectively checked in order to prevent illegal actions on the hosting.

4. Compatible with all modern operating platforms

In fact, the service is a multiplatform service that effectively interacts with all modern operating systems on computers and gadgets. You are given a wonderful opportunity to fully use the innovative options and strengths of Keep2Share on absolutely any device.

5. Simple and clear, human-oriented service interface

The very first acquaintance with Keep2Share navigation can cause positive emotions in the user. Debugged and well-functioning, it is an undoubted advantage, favorably positioning the website against the background of its analogues and competitors. All the interface elements on the file sharing site were designed with a view to a wide variety of people, including those who are not advanced specialists in the field of Internet technologies, and not particularly technically savvy. Therefore, its use will not confuse even the most novice users. Nevertheless, this simplicity has absolutely nothing to do with primitiveness. In functional terms, Keep2Share effectively copes with its work at a highly professional level.

6. Expanding opportunities through integration

It’s not just the support of most of the leading modern platforms that puts Keep2Share out of competition in terms of flexibility and practicality of the software. In order to make life easier for users, expand their capabilities and make interaction with hosting more convenient, separate developments of third-party companies were additionally integrated into the service options. Now anyone who has received premium access to K2S for an additional increase in speed and time savings can use download accelerators from other developers for free.

7. What needs to be done to remove speed limits

When using a free account on Keep2Share, you will not be able to download files at a speed of more than 50 KB/sec. To remove this restriction and use all the benefits of the service to the full, premium subscriptions are just needed. After receiving it, you will increase the speed of your downloads by almost 200 times to 100 MB/s. In addition, there is also a pause before the download starts, since the files start downloading immediately. Thus, the premium subscription Keep2Share saves its owner from the tedious anticipation and gives almost instant access to any, even the most huge, files.

8. Complete absence of advertising

Like many similar resources, Keep2Share has to show ad blocks on free accounts. The revenue generated from these ads is invested in the development and promotion of the service, helping to make it better and supports its direct owners. In that case, if you are used to valuing your time and do not want to waste it by viewing all these advertising messages and closing pop-ups, then take any premium account. There is absolutely no advertising on both the simple premium and the premium pro.

A number of additional tips for paid Keep2Share subscriptions

Don’t know which account to give your preference to? Check out the detailed information on each of them. Find out all their nuances, all the pros and cons. Perhaps this will help you with the choice. To date, there are three types of user accounts on K2S: Premium Pro, Premium and Free.

1. General features of a free account on Keep2Share

When using this account, which can rightfully be called the initial and main account on Keep2Share, you will not have to pay a cent. The time during which you can use it completely freely is unlimited. The file exchanger will never, under any circumstances, force you to switch to a paid subscription. You and only you will decide for yourself whether to take a premium account or continue to work with hosting without investing financially. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account that the functions of the service on free accounts are significantly reduced. This is expressed in download and upload speed limits (no more than 50 kb/s) and file sizes (no more than 1 GB in one file), as well as a mandatory half-minute pause before each download and the presence of advertisements in the Keep2Share interface. In view of all the above, free access can best be used for initial acquaintance with hosting, since paid account types are much more functional and convenient in terms of effective operation of the service.

2. The advantages of a Premium account that you will appreciate

With this type of account, you will have access to all the features of the service. Some features will still be partially limited, but the average user simply won’t notice it. The limits here have already been significantly increased. You are allowed to download up to 20 GB per day, and the size of an individual downloaded file can be up to 5 GB (that is, 5 times more than on the free account). The time you spend on the service will also be reduced only to doing useful, purposeful activities that you really need. Any waste of it for displaying ads is practically eliminated. You also won’t have to wait for the download to start. In addition, your content will download and upload much faster. Using a premium account with Keep2Share will save you personal time with a significant set of features for a small monthly fee of $13.33 (that’s not much more than 40 cents each day). The service will not lead you to unnecessary costs that sometimes surface with some similar resources, where services may include various hidden fees.

3. Premium account Pro - porn without borders

Switching to a Premium Pro subscription, which costs $13.33 per month, is really necessary for people who distribute their file content en masse on a regular basis. In this case, the size limit of the downloaded file will increase by 2 times, and the daily download by 2.5 times compared to the regular Premium. Such significant changes in parameters were made possible due to a slight increase in the cost of Premium Pro subscription. Paying just a few dollars more, you will be able to fully experience how powerful the functionality opens up to you. On top of everything else, Keep2Share will provide you with additional great features. These include file scanning for viruses, anonymous content downloading, and increased file storage. Users who work with a large number of files do not need to explain how important such additional options are, so by choosing a premium Pro account they get not only a well-established and highly professional service, but also peace of mind and confidence in its reliability.

Some more information about paid Keep2Share accounts

Without a doubt, the functionality and performance of paid subscriptions is much wider than that of a free account. But their advantages do not end with the complete absence of advertisements, increased permissible limits on the volume of downloads and the size of individual files, as well as at the maximum possible speed. In addition, paid subscriptions have additional exclusive functionality, more detailed information about which you can find here.

The specifics of the built-in Download Manager

The carefully designed interface of the service makes managing downloads of your files very convenient. Taking into account the fact that on Keep2Share Pro and Premium Pro subscriptions they are produced at the maximum available speed, managing files is not difficult at all and makes the whole process very comfortable and convenient. The purchased paid account comes with a boot manager designed to improve the user’s subsequent communication with file hosting. He has all the possibilities to monitor all the actual downloads in the current time mode and easily manage them, including assigning a different priority, changing the location of already downloaded files, putting them in Favorites and downloading them again. Also, this manager can be used as a separate accelerator.

The ability to download multiple files at once without restrictions at the same time

If you have a free subscription to Keep2share, then you will certainly encounter a restriction when downloading files. Only one file can be downloaded at a time. And after completing this process, put the next one on download and so on. At the peak of this, users of paid accounts of the service get the opportunity to make an unlimited number of downloads directly, at the same time. The download queue is automatically regulated by the download manager in the most advantageous mode in order to speed up and distribute these operations as efficiently as possible.

Checking files for viruses in paid service accounts

If you suddenly need an instant scan of files for viruses, then users of paid accounts always have this opportunity. This option can be used even before the download has started, so you can be sure of the absolute security of the downloaded files for your computers and gadgets

Anonymity on a Premium Pro account

Holders of Premium Pro subscriptions to Keep2Share can be absolutely private, if desired. Any information about them, for example, their geolocation and the network address of a node in a computer network, will not be visible to anyone. Based on this remarkable functionality, hosting users will be able to independently strengthen their security against hackers and scammers.

Nuances of paying for accounts

After you have already made a firm decision for yourself which subscription you will take, it is worth thinking about how to pay for it. It’s quite normal if you want to spend some time on a free account. It may seem a little strange, but people who come to Keep2Share are not required to provide any payment data at all when registering for free access. This is not required to create this account. The subsequent transition to any of the paid accounts can be carried out when you want. This is another significant difference between Keep2Share and other similar resources.

Nevertheless, some information about purchasing a premium or premium pro account will be very useful for you, in case you want to fully use their advanced functionality, easy and affordable management and all other features. All of these schemes are distinguished by the same simplicity and convenience, but what is most important is their perfect reliability and safety. Any payment information is subject to stable encryption, which makes it impossible, in principle, to use it for malicious purposes.

There are various ways to purchase paid subscriptions to Keep2Share. Prices will also vary depending on which payment period you give your preference to.

Summing up all of the above about Keep2Share

In conclusion, it should be said that Keep2Share is an excellent file sharing service, which is certainly worth looking at it more carefully, regardless of your level of technical preparedness and willingness to invest money in working with it. You always have a choice between paid accounts and free use. In any case, you can work with its interface, which we easily understand at the level of intuition. Each user has the right at any time to disable ads that interfere with him, and to improve the effectiveness of the website with the help of additional functions and prestigious functions, such as privacy and file virus scanning. Paid subscriptions make downloading and downloading files easier, more enjoyable, safer and more predictable. There can hardly be any doubts about the comparability of their cost with the level and variety of services provided by the service. In addition to all this, you are guaranteed to save your time and inner comfort.